Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rock Neck Park

It's been a while since I updated this blog with anything pretty or useful. Things have been going 100MPH around here, I just wish I knew which highway I was on.

A few weeks ago we took a trip out to Connecticut and stopped at Rock Neck Park for about 2 hours while killing some time in our travels. There is something so liberating about nature photography. Even though you feel pressure to "get the shot" the scenery is usually nice and calming. Maybe if I did it professionally I would feel differently, because I know pro landscape photogs probably pull their hair out trying to get something groundbreaking (no pun intended), but for me it's a welcomed change from my usual line of work.

It was my first time in this park, and the last and only other time I'd been in CT was when I was a little kid. The park is absolutely beautiful, and even though we didn't get to see the whole thing, we took a nice relaxing walk around the lake and snapped some nice pictures.

I don't usually share a lot of my personal photos that I take during my downtime, but I decided that these would look great in my Nature gallery. So if you know anyone who enjoys a really nice landscape photo, now's the time to pick up an early holiday gift. Actually, I'm not so sure I can even say "early" since most retail stores have been pushing the Christmas stuff since, oh, Valentines day! More like September, but it feels like they never even put the stuff back in storage. I'm not a Winter kind of person, so when I see holiday decorations out and Football season has barely even kicked in, I start to panic!

Click on any 3 of these images to check out the gallery and browse what I have to offer. I'd think that they'd make an especially nice gift for someone who has possibly spent a lot of time in this particular park, or in the general CT area.

More to come...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

365 Project Begins

I know it's been a while since I've put anything up here, life has been in the way. I've been busy with some personal things, as well as some charity photography I've been doing for a local cat shelter that I volunteer at. All this leaves very little time to keep up with blogging.

However I wanted to let you all know that I've started a 365 Photo project to keep the creative juices flowing. The idea is that you take at least 1 photo each day for a full year. It's supposed to help you develop your creative eye, as eventually you run out of cool things to shoot and have to make the most, artistically, of your bland everyday surroundings.

I hope this will enhance my skills, and I'm going to share the results with the online community on either a daily or weekly basis. It's hard enough to shoot something and post it online daily, it's even harder to write blogs and announcements and things, so I'm thinking I'll shoot daily, and update my website gallery daily, but maybe will post the results on here, FB, Twitter, and my business blog weekly, so as not to overload everyone.

I'm open to suggestions of what to shoot during the next 365 days, just don't be offended if I don't get to your request. Shots will range from ordinary things that border on snapshots, to full on studio work, to concerts and other things.

The first photo is online now, it's a photo of my new motorcycle sunglasses sitting on the headlight of my new (used) motorcycle.

Swing by and see, then bookmark the gallery or just look for updates on here. Most of these photos will also be for sale, so if there is something that catches your eye pick it up and help support independent art!