Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review Recognition

Just wanted to let everyone know that David Ziser mentioned my review of Captured By The Light on his blog yesterday. I'm glad he enjoyed what I had to say about his book as much as I enjoyed reading it. It's nice to see my name and my blog mentioned outside of places that I post the links myself. Everyone go on over and check out the shout-out he gave me, and while you're there, subscribe to his blog as well. He posts great photography biz items daily.

Digital ProTalk: Quick Hit Monday: WPPI; Power Of Passion; I Have A Famous Daughter; and More!

Also, if you didn't read the review yet, you can grab it from the archive list on the right side of the page, or simply click here

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PS - This might be the shortest blog entry I've posted yet.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Book Review: Captured By The Light

Captured by the Light: The Essential Guide to Creating Extraordinary Wedding Photography

This is the first of a few new reviews of photography-related items that I plan on writing up. The first item on the list is David Ziser's Captured By The Light, which is easily one of the best, most comprehensive books on wedding photography I've ever read.

I had my very first wedding job coming up and I knew I was going to need help. The main reason should be obvious: concert photography is drastically different from wedding photography. In fact, even the portrait work that I do, despite it still being fundamentally the same, builds up and into something much different. Everything from the subject (obviously), to the location, the time allotted, and very much so the expectations of the client. You always want to do a super job, no matter what, no matter who you are working for, but there is something very intimidating about a bride on her wedding day. There are no re-shoots if you mess it up.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Double Vision

(I am completely aware that the photo I used for this has nothing to do with the actual topic of this post. But it's certainly pretty, innit?)

You've probably seen dual monitor setups in movies and TV shows and thought it would be pretty cool to use 2 monitors on one computer. Oftentimes it'll be a scene with some nerdy gamer-type locked in a basement with a bag of Funions and a case of Mt. Dew, blasting away zombies or spacecrafts as he's surrounded by 2 or more display screens. Other times you'll see it can possibly be during crime dramas or detective shows; because apparently, the police can never have too many screens to monitor people on.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Switching Gears: A Confession

Every artist is probably familiar with hitting a wall at times. Lots of us hit what I refer to as "Winter Funk." It's basically what happens when the conditions around you are less than ideal for going out and creating new things. For me, and for a lot of other photographers, this tends to happen in the winter. Maybe it's the lack of sunlight, or maybe it's just that we'd rather not freeze our fingers off in the cold while trying to be inspired by a bleak landscape of leafless trees and salt stained roads. Not to mention that even if we were inspired, the bitter cold takes a toll on your gear and batteries and you end up having even less time than usual to get the job or project done.

Life's been full of stress factors lately and I started to feel the pressure cracking me in half. On top of trying to keep up with my own life, I started to feel like I was standing still with my art. Sure, there have been some paying gigs to keep me busy, but my personal work had taken a huge hit since completing my 365 Project back in October.

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