Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Announcing: Sound Check Live Video Series!

If you saw my last post about Chucky Hugh's video for "Run Away," you're probably wondering "What is Sound Check Live?"

The short answer: Sound Check Live is a video series I am putting together to showcase local musicians that perform solo, as a duo, and eventually, even a full band. The pricing is greatly reduced because it allows me the learning curve I need to figure out some new audio equipment that I'm slowly investing in while still providing a service to anyone who has a desire to promote their music in video form.

The longer answer: After renovating the studio and taking in some work this Winter, I realized that the next step in DIGImmortal's evolution would be to invest in better audio equipment. I am slowly growing my new audio gear, and integrating it with what I already have, until I've built a good enough recording system for the scale of work I do at the moment. I need new microphones, a mixing board, cables, stands, etc. With each piece of gear, comes the technical side of learning how to use it with my existing equipment. Sound Check Live serves as a way for me to learn as I go while using the new pieces in a live setting. Solo artists or small groups can come to the studio, and for a greatly reduced rate, record a live version of a song and have a video made for it all at once. I'm not a recording studio, and I don't claim to be, so the goal is about expanding what I can do in terms of audio capture for video. I'm not trying to be a music producer, but I want to be able to capture good enough sound to release live-format music videos.

The details: Pricing starts at around $50 for solo artists. At the moment I am at the mercy of my field recorder's 2 XLR inputs, so a musician that sings, or a musician and a singer, or 2 musicians playing an instrumental tune is what I can do at the moment. Once I am able to invest in a decent mixing board with more inputs I can expand out to more options.

If you or someone you know is an up-and-comer and wants to get a live version of a song out there in front of people but you don't have the means to do it, get in touch via www.DIGImmortalPhoto.com and let's work together! Sound Check Live will be an available service for a limited time, so don't hesitate to get in touch!

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Chucky Hugh Music Video

A week ago I delivered a completed music video to my latest client, Chucky Hugh. Chuck is a talented young musician from my area and he had an acoustic single up his sleeve for a while now. As part of a new series of videos that I'm calling the Sound Check Live video series I am here to share with you, "Run Away."

I will have more info to share very soon on the Sound Check Live series. I will explain what it is, how long it will run for, and who it is most beneficial for. In the mean time, please check out this new video and leave a comment or some words of encouragement for the artist on the Youtube page for the video.

You can also view the video in my portfolio, which you can find HERE

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


DIGImmortal Photo: Blog Photos &emdash;

Quick blog update, I pulled the trigger and set up an account on Pinterest.

I've seen and heard a lot about this site/network but frankly, didn't want to have to deal with updating and monitoring yet another social media site. However, after seeing Lisa at Paragon Music Webzine use her account, I started to see how it would be useful in cataloging inspiring images for later use in my work. So when I have upcoming projects and I need some kind of visual boost, I can search out some detail images and pin them to a board for later reference.

Not sure at the moment just how active I'll be, if it'll be a daily thing or a weekly thing, or, like this blog, a whenever I get around to it kind of thing, but feel free to friend me, or follow me, or pin me, or whatever it is you do on that site (I'm still not even sure of the lingo, myself)

I'm slowly going through my website and making sure that the most important galleries and images are now equipped with a "Pin it!" button as well, so people can spread my work around the internets.

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