Tuesday, January 14, 2014


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Quick blog update, I pulled the trigger and set up an account on Pinterest.

I've seen and heard a lot about this site/network but frankly, didn't want to have to deal with updating and monitoring yet another social media site. However, after seeing Lisa at Paragon Music Webzine use her account, I started to see how it would be useful in cataloging inspiring images for later use in my work. So when I have upcoming projects and I need some kind of visual boost, I can search out some detail images and pin them to a board for later reference.

Not sure at the moment just how active I'll be, if it'll be a daily thing or a weekly thing, or, like this blog, a whenever I get around to it kind of thing, but feel free to friend me, or follow me, or pin me, or whatever it is you do on that site (I'm still not even sure of the lingo, myself)

I'm slowly going through my website and making sure that the most important galleries and images are now equipped with a "Pin it!" button as well, so people can spread my work around the internets.

Also, at the bottom of this blog is a field to sign up for my mailing list. Please consider signing up and be the first to hear about new deals and exciting new developments.

More soon,

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