Sunday, December 15, 2013

Happy Holidays!

With the holidays upon us all, I wanted to spread some cheer in the best way I know how: music!

I asked some talented musician friends of mine to come by the newly renovated studio to make a quick video that would clash 2 different styles of the same song. The end result was pretty cool! Check out the video and enjoy!

Special thanks to:
John Kiernan:
Steve Bello:
Antonio Staropoli of Another Distraction:

This was the first project to be filmed in the brand new studio space. The renovation started earlier this year in March, and now that the space is far along enough to be usable, I'm open to booking portrait session, promo photo sessions, and music videos, as well as product photography and small business commercials. Check out for more info and samples, and reach out to me via the website if you have any questions.

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More soon,

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