Friday, July 26, 2013

New Promo Video and Mailing List

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That's a Revere 40, and no, I don't shoot any video on that thing, but it's a really cool antique that belonged to my great uncle and I recently re-discovered it when going through some old things with my father.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Importance of Color - Pt. 2

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Thanks for coming back and checking out Part 2 of my "The Importance of Color" entry. If you are finding this and haven't yet read Part 1, then follow this link to get caught up to speed.

Last time we looked at how color is used in the corporate world to direct your attention or send a subliminal message, and this time I want to show some of my own work and either explain how I've used color in a deliberate way, or how the color available suits a setting or message, especially in terms of live music performances. This entry will be a little less methodical than Part 1, so let's just get right into some examples, shall we?

The Importance of Color - Pt. 1

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Having grown up in the printing industry prior to my experience as a photographer, it's safe to say I'm pretty well-versed in colors and their usage. For any kind of visual artist, knowledge of color is an absolute must, even if you're just a black and white sketch artist, you've got color in mind when you shade your gray tones. There is lots of info out there about color, and there are lots of different categories. For instance, you've got primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors complementary colors, analogous colors, neutral colors, warm colors, cool colors, calming colors, exciting colors, and tints and shades of all of them to hit everything in between. That's a LOT of color!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Under The Bridge

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When it comes to architectural photography, I've always been a fan of bridge photographs. Last week I decided to get out for a hike, and when venturing into the Palisades Interstate Park, I went a little too far down the road and ended up near a pathway that takes you right up to and under the George Washington Bridge. Originally I was there to find the hiking path to a waterfall I'd heard about, so talk about getting your destination mixed up! Either way, the scenery was nice and made for a few good photo ops.