Friday, July 26, 2013

New Promo Video and Mailing List

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That's a Revere 40, and no, I don't shoot any video on that thing, but it's a really cool antique that belonged to my great uncle and I recently re-discovered it when going through some old things with my father.

I'm currently in the middle of rebranding my business, remodeling a basement into a studio, and working on a few projects. I'll have posts about all those individual things, but for right now I want to mention a new promo video that I created. I wanted something that would incorporate my new slogan, my new brand image, and some of the colors that I will be using in my studio when it's complete. I also wanted it to be short and sweet but give some good examples of what I offer, all while connecting the central theme and slogan of "From the studio to the stage, everyone's a Rock star." - The concept is simple, I treat all of my photo and video clients as though they were big time musicians. I came up in the music industry photographing bands, and I want to continue the look and feel that drives me on a daily basis and infuse it into all of my work, whether it's portraiture, pet photography, or anything else that comes my way. So I needed something that would introduce my brand to newcomers, and re-ignite interest in those who already know me.

I took some of the best examples of my work, without going overboard on everything I offer, and hopefully made an impressive enough presentation to show people the unique approach I offer to these services.

So, without babbling any further, check out my new promo video:

Also, one non-video thing I wanted to mention: I started a mailing list. People who sign up for my mailing list WILL NOT BE SPAMMED. Trust me, I'm far too protective of my own information to be going around selling or otherwise abusing anyone else's, it's just not how I operate. I am doing this mainly so I can keep people informed of new happenings that may not make it to the blog right away, or to help promote certain things beyond just blogging.

Direct Email marketing is a great way to stay informed and if you feel like you're getting too many emails you can unsubscribe at any time. What you WILL get is access to the latest videos, photos, blog entries and even some sales and special offers. I never did focus too much on selling prints but this way I'll be able to put limited sales prices up on specific images and people can get art prints for their home or office at a discount. I'll also be offering sale prices on portrait sessions or video services for small businesses from time to time. Sign up using the form below.

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