Thursday, November 18, 2010

You'll Be Sorry

... for yourself, but not for me.

I've been in touch with this band called American Fangs ever since I shot them a few months back at a private party. They're a bunch of really cool guys from Texas who make some really great Alternative Rock, with a splash on Punk thrown in.

What's funny is that all of our correspondences have been through Twitter, so at least this time around I got to find out who exactly I was talking to all the time (turns out it was the drummer). I decided that since I'd already shot stills of these guys in the same venue, the lighting would be mostly the same (dim!), and maybe I could try some video in addition to more photos - I took 2 different songs, just to be sure I got something usable.

My CYA move proved to be a good one. When I reviewed the footage I found the first video I took to be too shakey, and the audio wasn't all that hot either. The audio was probably a symptom of where I was standing in relation to the amps, as I hadn't brought any external microphones for this (most likely because the idea to shoot video came to me while sitting in Lincoln Tunnel traffic on the way in to the show). However, on the bright side, I had some B-roll footage of the band to use in the better video to break up the camera angles a little.

It was my first attempt at editing together 2 separate live performances. I've taken a bunch of live videos of bands, but it has always been single-take kinda stuff. I'm pretty happy with the results considering I've never done it like this before. You be the judge, take a look at the video below (or go see it on YouTube for a larger, HD version) and let me know in the comments what you think!

In case you missed the link above, you can see the still shots from this show HERE

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