Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Website Tune-Up

DIGImmortal Photo: 365 Project &emdash; Day 210 05-10-10 Twist

So, it's been a while since I've written a blog, despite constantly saying how I need to update this thing more frequently. I've begun to change the way I use social media to promote my work, and part of that will require me to post more regular blog updates, as well as revamp my website. All of this, mind you, while in the middle of a massive studio renovation. It's a lot of work but good things don't come easy.

I am converting my family's decently-sized basement into a full photo studio, but this requires cleaning, lots of cleaning, in addition to putting up walls, painting, flooring, and so much more. I'm currently in the process of sanding all the spackling I've done, and it's taking an eternity to finish. You can see photos of the progress on my Facebook gallery: Studio Renovation 2013

Over the years I've done what any artist venturing into the business world would do and I've changed my range of focus constantly. I've tried offering a very specific range of services, and I've tried offering a very wide range of services. What I've found is that not everyone wants what you can do when it's too small of a range, and when you offer too much of a range people tend to wonder if you're particularly good at any of it. Considering all of this, the main thing that was missing the whole time was a properly set up space to do the work in. I had used the basement before for many shoots, but it was always cluttered and cramped in the past. Now that I'm completely repurposing it I'm able to use a much larger percentage of the space for myself, as well as decorate and design it to be consistent with my branding.

Now then, the website: My site has been needing an overhaul for a while now. I have galleries of photos that no longer represent my best work, and I have some categories that I really don't like or want to continue promoting because my heart isn't truly in those particular services. I'm going to refocus which services I offer publicly as well as the quality and quantity of samples for each. Over the next few days I'll be deleting a category or two from the navigation, as well as pruning back much of what is displayed inside the featured galleries that I do keep. I want to make it less of a collection of jobs in their entirety, and more of a collection of compact portfolios for each style/service.

I've also got some NEW services that I've added to my bag of tricks and I'll be posting about those soon as well.

If you got a chance to look over the renovation photos, what did you think? Post comments below.

More soon,

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