Saturday, January 23, 2010

Out in the Mountains

Yesterday was the birthday of the future Mrs. DIGImmortal, so we decided to take a small trip. We're nature people, so the mountains in the Winter was a no-brainer. Unfortunately we're not skiiers, which kind of singles you out in a ski resort kinda town, especially when the only thing to do at night is go out and get plastered. Actually, it seems to me that there are 2 things that people do at night in a ski town: First, is go to bed early so they don't feel the aches and pains they acquired all day long sliding down a mountainside while standing on giant popsickle sticks, Second is to go out and drink the pain away. Either way, not much nightlife if you aren't a big drinker or into late night snowboarding.

Brought out the camera, as I always do when I get the chance to go someplace new. Haven't had too many photo ops yet though. Yesterday we drove into town, went snowmobiling, got dinner and had a small birthday celebration alone. Spent the rest of the night looking up stuff to do today. Hopefully there will be plenty of chances to bust out the camera and take some cool photos. That's the problem with snowmobiling, it's a little too intense to be taking out a camera and trying to get nature photos, especially when you're supposed to be following closely behind the guy who runs the place and is used to all the bumps and twists and turns that you don't even see coming until you almost tip the damn thing over. So yeah, not a good idea.

Today should be a little easier though. Doing some snowshoeing/hiking, some ice skating, and perhaps horseback riding, if we can find a place that is run humanely and doesn't also fund a local roadside zoo with a newly added tiger. See, there's the hard part when you're an animal rights advocate, it's hard to decide where to spend your money.

Anyway, have to run since it's after 10 and I still need to get ready to leave and go through checkout and all that. Then it's off into the semi-wilderness, with nothing but my wits and my camera. That loosely translates to just the camera. Hopefully I'll have some cool snowy updates tomorrow once we get back to boring old suburbia.

More soon,

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