Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 Ibanez Catalog

I've got a few things in the pipeline right now, but here's a really quick update on something pretty exciting for me:

I found out from my good friend Steve Bello that one of the photos I took of him is in the new Ibanez 2012 Electric Guitar Catalog!

Sure, it's not the cover, or a full page, heck, it's not even an inset, but you know what? I took it, and it's in there, and that makes me happy. I didn't think any of my images would ever make it into a guitar manufacturer's annual catalog, but it happened.

Steve has been an Ibanez endorser for some time now and it's also the first time a photo of him has appeared in the catalog, so we are both thrilled. Now next year we have to aim for a full length shot of him.

Hopefully I can report on some new developments very soon, so hang tight for some news!

More soon,

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