Monday, July 6, 2009

Big News: Cradle of Filth signature strings

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So, a few months back I think I mentioned I'd have an announcement to make eventually. Or maybe I didn't say that and I'm remembering wrong. Anyway, I DO have an announcement and here it is:

I had a chance to shoot a portrait session with Paul Allender of Cradle of Filth, a band I've been a fan of since I was 15, back in February of 2009 as their US dates were winding to a close. I was later contacted by Paul asking me if he could use one of the photos on PRS' website.

PRS asked Paul for a new photo of himself with his signature model for use on a new profile page on their site.

Then Paul asked me about using a photo for a package of strings. Yep, it's exactly what it sounds like: My photo of Paul Allender will end up on the packaging for his ROTOSOUND signature strings. The official packaging artwork hasn't been released yet, but they do have a page on their site with news about the strings which may give clues as to what the final package will look like.

When I first heard Cradle of Filth and turned into a hardcore fan for many years, if anyone had told me that one day I'd be backstage taking pictures of a major member of the band and would have that picture on packaging for a signature product, I'd probably have thought they were insane.



The photos used were given a blue color change treatment. You can view the originals as I had taken them HERE

Congrats to Paul for the custom strings, the guy definitely works his ass off and deserves it.

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