Thursday, September 10, 2009


Last weekend I had a great group of guys come over for some band portraits. They're Unrequited and they play pretty frequently in the Northern NJ (Bergen County) area.

They're still in High School but they've got the professional chops and attitude that is needed these days. I see too many bands strive to be something but lack the discipline (and the thick skin) needed to make it in the music business.

It's such a breath of fresh air to meet a band with no attitude problems, no egos, no bullshit. Just a bunch of friends who enjoy making music together.

I was introduced to them by my good friend Steve Bello, another local area musician who makes some amazing Instrumental Metal geared towards total guitar-heads and fans of musical styles that range from Prince to Steve Vai to Pantera.

It's very cool to be surrounded with genuine hard working musicians. Unrequited just played a show last weekend but I'm sure they'll have more lined up soon. They also mentioned they've been writing a lot of new material, so we might be able to expect a full-length album from them in the near future.

I have a feeling these guys are going to really take off in the local scene, so here's to them making it as big as they push themselves to be.

You can visit them on Myspace and Facebook

You can also see all the photos from the session HERE

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