Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Climbing that Mountain

So I'm gradually getting caught up on the massive backlog of work and different projects that have been keeping me from seeming very productive lately. But I have still managed to stay on schedule with my 365 project. It's really a relief because when I started it I was worried about how long I'd actually be able to see it through. It's hard to be artistic every single day, and I wasn't going to let myself settle for just some snapshots. I wanted to do things that took some degree of thinking, even if only relatively little at times. Some nights I am up into the AM hours trying to find something worth shooting, but I make sure I get it done.

I finally uploaded 7 days worth of backlogged 365 submissions to my website last night after (also finally) finishing the latest issue of Paragon Music Magazine (link goes directly to PDF issue).

The new issue contains some awesome interview with Faith and The Muse, Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge, Matt Heafy of Trivium, and Toby Knapp. There is also a full page photo I took of Duff McKagan when he passed through NYC a few months ago with his band LOADED, as well as other goodies.

Upcoming tasks in my scope are to finally sort some nature shots for the website from my last trip a few weeks ago, finally finish the HAIL! photos from NYC, updates to Paragon Earth, and some new stock photography that I've been wanting to shoot for a while now.

As I complete these things you will updated, either through here or through my Twitter page, so make sure you head over there and follow me. It's a great way to get quick, short updates, without having to read a whole bunch of stuff. You can get Twitter updates sent to your cell phone even if you don't have one of those fancy iPhoneberrydroid gadgets. So you could think of it as a personal message right from me to your phone. Or not, do as you wish. =)

More soon,

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