Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Look, Book

Well, I had said back in the first blog entry for the year that 2010 would bring some changes to the way I do things, and one of the most important things I needed to work on was the layout of the site and the color scheme.

When I started DIGImmortal Photo, it was geared 99% to bands and the music industry. I pretty much only had photos of musicians in my galleries, so the dark colors fit really well since most of what I shot were Rock and Metal acts. However, over time my work has shifted around to various subjects and styles and the dark, broody black layout just wasn't cutting it. On top of that, by expanding the subject matter of my work the site became a hodgepodge of different galleries which started to look really cluttered. There was no flow to the site anymore. Since I'm using a template setup from my site provider, I couldn't do much with the look of the site. Until they finally released a bunch of new layouts and site tools.

Long story short, I changed the look of the site, from the color scheme/theme of the homepage (other pages will be changed soon, I just did most of this work in one night and needed to take a break of my head would explode). I also changed the layout to a more portfolio-esque setup, allowing me to showcase a slideshow of some of my favorite images right on the homepage. So now, even though there aren't as many galleries available right on the homepage, you can easily see the variety of styles I shoot just by watching a short slideshow. Don't worry, all of the galleries that were on the site are still there, just more coherently organized. There is a new menu bar at the top above the slideshow that can take you to just about every corner of the site painlessly.

With that, I decided it was time to overhaul the blog was well, so the first step was to get the color schemes to match up. I will also be cleaning up those links and ads on the right side shortly so it looks less messy. There will be some more changes added/updated sporadically here and there; the more important ones will be talked about here on the blog so that nobody feels lost.

One last thing: I've been throwing around the idea of putting together a book. Just something small that I would self-publish, perhaps make available on and some other sites. I'm not sure exactly what I want to do yet though, I would really love to put together a book of my favorite concert photos, since that's how this whole mess got started in the first place ;) - However I'm not sure how that would pan out. I have a lot of photos to go through, music related and otherwise, before I really tie any loose ends together, but I just wanted to give the heads up to everyone that there might be a limited edition coffee-table book from me in the future. How near or distant that future is, well, that really depends on a lot of things, but you can be sure you'll hear about it first on here or on my Twitter page, so be sure to head over there and follow me for daily updates on things.

Well, that's all for now. Take a look around the new site layout, feel free to leave feedback here. Should have some more developments to report on soon, if everything goes well.

More soon,

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